Part Template for Visible Composer (Add-ons)

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Element Template for Visual Composer

Element Template for Visual Composer is a premium multi-purpose plugin ror easy usage and auto-filling of similiar and repeated elements settings.


– WordPress Plugin
– Minified Production + Source Code
– Comprehensive and Interactive Documentation
– Excellent Customer Support

Main Features

– Save settings to templates
– Auto-fill element settings
– Easy integration to any site with Visual Composer
– IE9+ support
– Simple Settings
– Extremely Comprehensive Documentation
– Excellent Authors Experience over 10 years

Requirements & Compatibility

– Browsers: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox and Opera
– Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows

Plugin is compatible with the WordPress versions 3.9 and later (PHP v.5.3 or greater; MySQL v.5.0.15 or greater).
Most JavaScript enabled Browsers will make them work with no issues.

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