Ninja Popup Rest API (Add-ons)

Ninja Popups Rest Api Overview

We created the “Ninja Popups Rest Api” addon to allow users to consume and manage popups created with the Ninja Popups plugin from anywhere. In it’s most basic form, a rest api separates the content from its presentation, freeing developers and users to use their data as they would like. The rest api is provided in a simple to use and understand json format.

Example usage:

  • More responsive and faster interactions and content updates as the WordPress admin ui flow is by passed.
  • More control over how your popups data are presented to your end users, as plugin php functions are not needed.
  • Visualize woocommerce subscriptions and transactions data in reporting services such as Power Bi.
  • Act on or show data in low cost rapid application development solutions such as powerapps.
  • Integrate popup data with process automation platforms such as,, and, to create compelling and robust business automation scenarios.

Find the details about our plugin’s functionality in our comprehensive write up.


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