Ninja Forms Stripe (Add-ons)

Start accepting credit card payments with Ninja Forms and Stripe! Ninja Forms Stripe will enable you to accept credit cart payments using Stripe modal popup on site without redirecting your customer to any 3rd party website.


  • Supports Fixed Amount, Field and Calculation payment amount options.
  • Collects customer payments without leaving the site.
  • Stores and associates transaction ID, payment status and other details with each submission.
  • Supports multiple forms (single payment gateway per form).

How it works?

  • Sign up for Stripe.
  • Install Ninja Forms and Ninja Forms Stripe add-on/extension<./li>
  • Obtain publishable, security and webhook/signing secret keys from Stripe.
  • Setup Ninja Forms Stripe with API details.
  • Create a Ninja Forms payment form using Fixed Amount, Field or Calculation method.
  • Start collecting payments!

Stripe requires merchants to have an SSL certificate installed on their websites to ensure that all payments are processed securely. See Stripe Integration Security Guide for more details.

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