Bookshelf for Real3D Flipbook (Add-ons)

Please note that this is an addon plugin for(Real3D Flipbook for WordPress It requires Real3D Flipbook for WordPress installed in order to work.

It enables you to create shelves for Real3D Flipbooks and add shelves to your posts or pages

You customize bookshelf appearance with bookshelf settings

Available settings are

Shelf settings
Shelf image

Image offset
Shelf image margin-top, used to vertically position shelf image

Background color
Shelf background color

Shelf image align inside, left, right or center

Shelf padding in px

Cover settings
Percentage of shelf width

Max width
Maximum cover width in px

Margin horizontal
Cover horizontal margin, creates space between covers

Margin vertical
Cover vertical margin

Cover align inside the shelf, right left or center

Shadow CSS
CSS value for cover box-shadow

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