A/B Tester for WP (Add-ons)

A/B Tester is a WordPress plugin that performs simple univariate A/B tests to compare the conversion rates of two different variants of some content, like text, a button or an image.

Suppose you have button containing a Call To Action (like “Send a message”), and you would like to know if “Send me a message” would result in more visits to your contact form: You run an experiment in A/B Tester, in which half of your visitors see variant A, and half of them see variant B. When the test is over, the statistical analysis will tell you which variant performs better, and whether the result is statistically significant.

Besides variations in inline content, with this Premium version you can also compare conversion rates for stylesheets and scripts, so the possibilities are endless. All tests and calculations are done on your existing WordPress installation, so there is no dependency on external services, and no monthly subscription!

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