3D Adaptation Viewer – Canvasio3D (Add-ons)

You design new products?
Are you a 3D Modeler or Engineer?
You offer 3D printings or Models?

Canvasio3D displays 3D-Graphic with WebGL in WordPress*
• Ease of use through text commands in WordPress editor
• 3D graphics upload with the WordPress Media Manager
• 3D-Formats: .stl / Three- .js / .obj & .mtl / .dae
• Up to 50 3D object windows in a page.
• With easyObjects: “Box”, “Ball”, “Panel”, “Octa”, and “Torus”.
• Now Responsive and with Touch Screen function.

*Since March 2011, WebGL is supported by Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser, and is enabled by default in browser prerelease versions of Safari and Opera. WebGL requires a 3D hardware acceleration (3D graphics card / 3D chip). Source: Wikipedia

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