WPRM – wordpress RESTful APIs Supervisor (Utilities)

This plugin is a general use and multi-purpose. It enables you to create, manage RESTful APIs data starting from establishing a connection to creating templates and positioning the results.

Key Features:
– You can integrate most common APIs without researching for any custom integration.
– Creating a connection with any restful API just copy the link and set the parameters.
– Add dynamic data to your request such as post title, content, post meta and more.
– Customize where to show the request output including using a shortcode.
– Handling repeatable results and templating all types of results.
– Ability to save request results in WordPress database tables.
– Check request results with dummy data using initial request engine.

Quick Launch Guide with Example: http://bit.ly/1jhxTL1
Quite Bigger Example: http://bit.ly/1Lo2cda

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