White Ink – Inline Textual content Editor for WordPress (Utilities)

White Ink is an inline text editor for WordPress. Yes, now you can directly edit the text content of your WordPress powered website on the frontend itself! We believe that editing text content should not be about filling forms. This plugin aims to give a distraction free, reload-less, instantaneous text editing experience. We hope you will enjoy using White Ink.


Demo credentials:

  • Username: demo_user
  • Password: demo_pass

Instant Text Editing

Effortless Text Editing UX Plugin

  • Works with WordPress Page/Post
  • Edit text directly on the frontend
  • Hover toolbar for inline editing
  • Quick editing on desktops and mobile devices too
  • Zero distractions
  • Zero reloads
  • Zero delays

Extended License for WordPress Theme Developers

Buy Now!

  • Beautiful editor for your gorgeous theme
  • Shortcode for inline text editing:
    [white_ink] … Lorem ipsum … [/white_ink]
  • Text editing shouldn’t be about filling forms
  • Ship WhiteInk with your theme!

Users will thank you.

== Change Log ==

= 1.0.0 =
* First version with basic inline text editing functionality
* Works with WordPress Page/Post
* Independent editing of title and content
* Editing toolbar appears on-hover
* Toolbar buttons: bold, italic, para, h1, h2, h3, justification, unordered list, ordered list
* Content updates to the backend while-you-write

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