Small wordpress Safety (Utilities)

Small WP Security is a WordPress plugin which provides the basic security of your site.


Meta tags and Link:
- Remove RSD Link (EditURI Link),
- Remove WLW Manifest Link,
- Remove Shortlink,
- Remove Prev/Next Links,
- Remove Canonical Link,
- Remove DNS Prefetch Link,

- Remove WP API Links and Scripts.

Hide WP Version:
- Remove WordPress generator version,
- Remove WordPress version parameter from JS and CSS files.

Remove RSS:
- Clean up site head from the feed links and redirect them to the home page.

Security Headers:
- Remove Shortlink from HTTP Headers,

- Remove X-Pingback from HTTP Headers,
- Remove X-Powered-By from HTTP Headers,
- Add X-Frame-Options,

- Add X-XSS-Protection,

- Add X-Content-Type-Options.

Remove Emoji:
- Remove Emoji Styles and Scripts.

Comments links:
- Remove Author′s Link,
- Disable Auto Link.

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How it works?