Halloween 3D for WordPress (Utilities)

Halloween 3D is a premium multi-purpose jQuery library for smart, fast, modern and comfortable site decoration.

Do you want to decorate your page with modern, smart, unique and halloween style?

Do you want to attract customers and visitors with Halloween atmosphere or you just want some light and size on your choice?

Our new Halloween 3D! effect will make your page interesting and smart for users with amazing spirit of upcomihg Halloween!

No one will stay indifferent to the smart and beautiful images!!!

There are over 13+ images, control of any speed and direction available for your choice!

Just install and enjoy beautiful winter on your page!

Halloween 3D are responsive to any site with natural and intuitive effects. It uses cutting edge technologies to provide the smoothest experience that’s possible, and it comes like easy installable JavaScript library.

Halloween 3D are friendly supported by responsive mode and touch on mobile devices. There is also simple and easy to understand jQuery settings, which provides perfect integration to existing code.

Easy integration to any site

13+ unique images included
Animation smoothly fades when page scrolls down
Setting to show animation once and save feature in cookie for session or number of days
Hide button with custom styles and hiding modes: session and any number of days
Shows any png sprite
Modern and smooth animation
IE11+ support
Advanced 3D realism
Live camera
Fully Responsive
Highly optimized code
Developed with pure object oriented JavaScript
Extremely Comprehensive Documentation
No Complicated HTML Structures
Rigorously Tested on Actual Devices for Real World Performance Metrics
Excellent Authors Experience over 10 years

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