JQuery Lyrics Displayer (Media)

JQuery Lyrics Displayer

JQuery script, a responsive Bootstrap 4 template and audio player for displaying lyrics on a web page in karaoke style, simple (by lines) and enhanced (by syllables).

Converter for LRC to JQuery lyrics format is provided.

Tested on all major browsers and platforms, desktop and mobile. To provide full compatibility, linked audio files should be in MP3, OGG and AAC formats.

Enhanced LRC example:

[00:03.87]This <00:04.36>can <00:04.66>be <00:05.02>a <00:05.31>song <00:05.82>ly<00:06.29>rics,<00:06.74>

Converted Enhanced JQuery Lyrics example:

["This ", 490],["can ", 300],["be ", 360],["a ", 290],["song ", 510],["ly", 470],["rics,", 450],

Simple LRC example:

[00:03.87]This can be a song lyrics,[00:04.13]

Converted Simple JQuery Lyrics example:

["This can be a song lyrics,", 260],

If you stuck on even more simple LRC format, without ending marks:

[00:03.87]This can be a song lyrics,

use Karaoke Lyrics Editor (https://sourceforge.net/projects/karlyriceditor/) to edit/add end timing marks.

To create your own LRC lyrics, use online LRC maker: http://stage.elsdoerfer.com/elrcmaker/


Bootstrap 4 – https://v4-alpha.getbootstrap.com/

Fancy sidebar for Bootstrap – http://bootsnipp.com/snippets/featured/fancy-sidebar-navigation

JQuery Karaoke text effect: – http://jsfiddle.net/bPGZT/

Provided audio is created and copyrighted by me.

Additional info and support available.

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