AngularJS Paypal Funds (Miscellaneous)

Angular paypal payments

Esily include the ngPay plugin into your project and start receiving payments using the simple integration through the directive

Main features

  • Modular (can be easily included into your angular projects)
  • Dynamic view
  • Demo shop included (bootstrap 3)
  • One-click redirect (clicking pay redirects you to paypal)
  • Configurable (email address, ipn url)
  • IPN Script included (official paypal IPN php script included)
  • Full documentation (dynamic documentation


    <ng-pay item-price=”250” item-currency=”USD” item-title=”Title of product” item-id=”21” button-string=”Pay for this item with Paypal”></ng-pay>

or in loops

    <ng-pay item-price=”product.price” item-currency=”USD” item-id=”” item-title=”product.title” button-string=”Pay with Paypal”></ng-pay>

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