Pre-Order Magento 2 extension (Magento Extensions)

Extension Overview

Allow buyers to pre-order “out of stock” products as well as products which is not available for immediate delivery. Notify customers when their products will be available and manage pre-order in the backend.

Pre-Order Features

  • Enable or Disable extension from the backend.
  • Sell “up coming” or “out of stock” products in advance (as pre-order).
  • Customer can pre-order products even quantity goes below zero of pre-order item.
  • Replace “Add to cart” with “Pre-Order” button text on product and category pages. Admin can change the “Pre-Order” text from backend.
  • Specify product pre-order note to inform customers, when product should become available.
  • Display pre-order note in backend for order and invoice.
  • Allow to pre-order simple, configurable, virtual, bundle, downloadable or grouped products.
  • Allow “out of stock” product as preorder for simple, configurable, virtual or grouped products.
  • Process orders that contain both pre-ordered and regular product.
  • When pre-order products purchased then order status is changed to “Pre-order Pending” or “Pre-order Processing”.
  • Regular product is processed as usual and pre-order product shipped when become available.
  • Notify customer through email when pre-order product become available.
  • Notify customer through email when pre-order product purchased.
  • Notify customer through email when pre-order product invoice generated.
  • Compatible with multi store setup.
  • Search or sort orders in grid by “Pending Pre-order” or “Processing Pre-order”.
  • In case of order with both pre-ordered and regular items, the order status is “Pending” or “Processing”. When the regular items are shipped, the order status will be changed to “Pending Pre-order” or “Processing Pre-order”.

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