Consumer Administration (.NET)

User Management is an ASP.NET based web application basically designed to manage users and their respective roles and permissions over a website. It can also be integrated with other projects. For the .NET developers it’s easy to create any web application using this system

This application is developed on .NET Framework 4.0 using, C#, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS and SQL Server 2008 R2

Basically there are two types of roles in this application, one is “Admin” and other one is “user”


  • Secure user login
  • Remember Me feature on login
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • User-friendly graphical reports
  • Encrypted URL to avoid unwanted users from accessing others users information


  • Can perform any operation (has all permissions)
  • Access dashboard
  • Donut chart do display user statistics
  • Line chart to display registered users
  • View activities of users
  • Create new users
  • Delete users
  • Edit user details
  • Upload user photo
  • View all users
  • Search users
  • Setting up permissions for the users over selected web pages
  • Suspend /Resume users


  • Users have access over the web pages within the web application based on the permission / privileges assigned to them
  • View their own profile
  • Modify personal information
  • Modify / Remove photo
  • Modify password

Customers Review

“Very good quality. I like so much because it’s very simple for use and implementation. Thank you so much. I support your code in future because it’s very useful and pretty.”

by Marcello Savorani for Code Quality

Give it a test run


Admin login credentials:
Username: admin
Password: admin

User login credentials:
Username: user

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