Aj Fb Like With Experience (Social Networking)

What is Facebook Like – (Benefits)?

  • It indicates the visitor has an interest in your business and wants to hear from you
  • People who click the Facebook Like button are “more engaged, active and connected than the average Facebook user.”
  • Email Marketing Capability.
  • Viral Syndication of Content.
  • More Traffic to Website.
  • Becomes Part of Facebook Graph
  • More Effective Advertising


  • You can put like button on your page like just magic.
  • It’s work with all major browser and support to HTML5 .
  • You can count like through graph API . You can display admin side total likes (Count).
  • Add graph meta with easily. Just put simple code with dll.
  • You can know event of “LIKE” and “UNLIKE” your URL . You can give point or take point to any user with events.
  • With URL Linter you can check your page meta tags with it.

Product Feature

  • Full source code, Fully customizable.
  • Very simple, just like plug and play.
  • HTML5 Compatible.
  • Get total like count.
  • Runs smoothly in all major browsers
  • Extensive documentation
  • Support oAuth2.0
  • Easy to install into any page.
  • Facebook Page Fan Detect
  • Get Like/Unlike events


  • Facebook Account
  • .Net 3.5+

Please help us

Please tell us what we can do for make this product better. We would love to hear your suggestions on how we could improve the code. Leave us a comment or send us and email and your suggestion might make it in to future version!

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