Get Subscribers Popup (Miscellaneous)

Get Subscribers Popup is a powerful responsive html page popup that can convert your visitors to your subscribers or to your online shoppers. It only requires some quick configurations and it will work on mobile devices and desktop machines no matter which browser is used including older browsers like IE7/IE8. Packed with a serious amount of features like responsive layout, social button on click add, embed your own HTML content and much more. All the available features makes Get Subscribers popup the best and most flexible HTML popup available on sale.

Get Subscribers Popup main features:

+ Mobile and desktop optimized.
+ Support for a wide range of modern web browsers like: Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox
+ Configuring your popup with just clicks from the mouse (including popup title, popup text, image, Facebook like button, Facebook share button, Twitter tweet button, Google Plus +1 button and form close link)
+ Two Color Pickers for popup background and popup text to help match the look of your existing website
+ Ability to choose if popup should appear only once for every visitor (using cookies)
+ Ability to choose if popup should appear only on the main page of the website
+ Possibility to add your own HTML code to be show inside the popup
+ Ability to choose if clicking outside the popup will close the popup
+ Live as you type popup preview in the settings window
+ Possibility to disable popup from the settings panel
+ Support for all web subscriber management providers like Feedburner, Feedblitz, SpecificFeeds, FeedPress, MailChimp or Aweber
+ Responsive layout
+ Multiples display popup trigger options (separate for mobile and desktop): On Page Load/On Page Load With 3 Seconds Delay/On Page Scroll/On Visitor Leave Intent
+ Ability to choose if clicking outside the popup will close the popup or not
+ Automatic popup update process – new features made for the popup will be automatically deployed on your website with plugin auto-updating
+ Ability to choose the background color of the popup
+ Ability to choose the text color of the popup
+ Instant preview of your popup in the right side of the popup configuration panel
+ In case you write your own HTML code, the popup provides an “update-as-you-write” popup preview panel
+ Popup supports a wide range of image formats, including data URIs
+ Optimized for speed – as less as possible page speed impact
+ Help for installation and configuration (including a live preview) in the zip file.

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