StampLok – Full Region-Primarily based Android App (Full Purposes)


StampLok is an Android application that makes it possible to discover your current location very fast and easily.

Imagine that you are travailing and want to share the coordinates of the cool places you visit with your friends. Or maybe you made an appointment and need to send your current location info to the person who’s trying to reach you. Or you accidentally went astray and just wanna know where you are. All of these tasks can be easily solved with the help of StampLok App. Moreover, it also allows you to take and share a photo containing the current location stamp. The workflow of this app is designed to be as simple as possible. Just a couple of clicks and the job is done.

You can find the demo apk at this link. To install it on a real device you should allow installation of apps from unknown sources since the apk is signed with a debug key.

Note: The app requires cellular data network (2G/3G or some other type) to be able to fetch the physical addresses.

Key App Features

  • Detect your current location: GPS coordinates (latitude/longitude), the address, extended location information if available (phone number, URL, common place name)
  • See on a map where you are exactly (it is possible to change the map type as per your preference)
  • Share your location with a simple click
  • Copy the location components individually (it is also possible to copy the location URL which can be opened in Google Maps)
  • Add the location stamp to a taken photo (text and background colours are customizable)
  • Share a photo with location stamp right from within the app. Very easy workflow – just click Share button and wait for the result. The text is resized automatically in accordance with the photo dimensions
  • The app keeps a balance between power consumption and location accuracy to provide the best user experience

Key Programming Features

  • Project is compatible with Android Studio 2.2
  • Native application – written completely in Java
  • Support a wide range of Api levels: from 14 to 25 including the latest Android 7 release
  • Support phones and tablets, portrait and landscape orientations
  • Support RTL
  • AdMob integration – banner and interstitial
  • Support multi-window mode
  • Provide free and paid app configurations – can be switched with one button click
  • Fully-documented code with Javadoc-style comments
  • Can be easily customized even without programming skills


    Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

Hope you enjoy the App!

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