InstaPhoto – Full Android App (Full Purposes)


InstaPhoto (more like a clone of Instagram) is a photo sharing app which gives user the ability to share their best moments with their followers and explore other photos shared by other people around the world. It’s just another app like Instagram. You can create your own personal app like Instagram using the app which comes with full coding and perfect designing. It has a lot of great features like fast uploading, organized feed, profile view and settings, exploring pictures around world, not just this, but lots of features are written below. It is developed in android studio, but can also be easily setup in other IDEs.

Data management: All the data is stored on server-side with fast MySQL queries which makes the whole system fast and smooth.


  • Material Design
  • Organized Feed, explore and followers system.
  • Comments & Likes system.
  • Server-side followers and block system.
  • #hashtag system.
  • Fast image uploading with description and image privacy.
  • Organized Profile view.
  • Search peoples and hashtag
  • Add/delete likes, comments & post
  • Server-side notification system. (No Push Notification)
  • Supports multiple screen.
  • Banner-ads integrated.
  • Understandable and clean coding.
  • Organized Profile/account settings.
  • Login and registration.
  • Encrypted account credentials.


Package includes:

  1. Full android source code
  2. MySQL database
  3. Full project documentation
  4. Server files


  • PHP (Server-side, with latest version)
  • MySQL (Server-side, with latest version)
  • Web server with fast internet speed and disk space for images.
  • Knowledge of JAVA

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