FisherMan Slot (Video games)


Halloween Slot is a HTML5 game. Halloween Slot lets you spin the reels on your very own set of virtual casino slot machines to win coins and hit hot jackpots!
Keep that coins pile growing by hitting our hot jackpots, playing in our super-fun bonus games and indulging in your hourly bonus wheel spin. This game brings Las Vegas excitement into the palm of your hand!.


  • All symbol have animate
  • 3 special symbol: Bonus – Jackpot – Scatter
  • Easy to config your slot, just edit one file (editable.xml (example)), step by step to config it
  • You can config:

  • Set starting credit
  • Enable/disable add credit button
  • Set credit when click the add credit button
  • Set url when click the add credit button
  • Set level rank
  • Set credit when player level up
  • Set cost of line
  • Set maximum bet per line
  • Set big prize effect
  • and set all prize of symbol
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