Double decide in for Gravity Kinds (Kinds)

E-Mail address verification for gravity forms’s sender address

With Double-Opt in for Gravity Forms, only „real“ form requests and messages will reach the recipient. Protect yourself more effective than ever from spam!

What the addon does: Before someone can send a request via Gravity Forms, the sender has to confirm his email address via double opt in. Once this is ensured, the mail will be delivered to the recipient.

Stop getting spam from bots or other troublemakers. This protection is the most effective on the market, because it requires human interaction and a real existing mailbox.

Protection with more than recipients
If your Gravity Forms form can reach more than just one recipient by using a select box, you can ensure they won’t be disturbed by mean emails. Here’s an example:

A medical center offers their patients to get in contact with different doctors directly. It must be ensured that only mails from verified persons, that confirmed their mails via double-opt-in will reach the doctor. With Double Opt In for Gravity Forms this is now possible very easily.

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