Multilanguage Responsive Christmas Card (Miscellaneous)

In this end of year, spread your Christmas votes and show everybody that the children are seeds to a better future. So, join all the world and give due value to Christmas by sending a simple but beautiful Christmas Card to your customers, partners, friends, family, everyone.

You can personalize all texts as you wish, adapt translations and brand it with your logo.

Effective Cross Browser

Interactivity, layout, navigation and animations on the main modern desktop and mobile browsers: all checked/approved.


It also has social sharing (inside the card), so all people can like it on Facebook, tweet about it or share on Google Plus.


The game is translated to 6 languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese

You can easily set the default language, edit the available languages, add new ones or disable it.
New translations coming soon until November 15.

Other Details

  • Read the greetings while listening Jingle Bells.
  • Fast loading, smooth animations and a very light weight structure.
  • Responsive layout: Works on all platforms, including devices with touch.

Documentation and Support

You’ll receive a documentation file included on the pack with all necessary instructions, the configuration is really very simple. Feel free to ask support anytime you need.

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