Industry Hours Final for WordPress (Add-ons)

Business Hours Ultimate for WordPress is ideal to:

  • Add an indication of being currently open or closed.
  • Countdown to when you’re opening/closing.
  • Show your business hours as a table or inline.
  • Conditional logic: show or hide content only when your business is open/closed.
  • Support multiple time slots per day and multiple locations.


General features
  • Shortcode to display opening times
  • Shortcode to display if you’re currently open/closed
  • Shortcode to display content only when you’re open
  • Shortcode to display content only when you’re closed
  • Do the same via Widgets
  • Choose your prefered time zone
  • Display times in 12 or 24 hour format
  • Enter multiple locations for more businesses
  • Multiple time slots/day for when you close at noon
  • Include holiday hours
  • Include vacation hours
  • Highlight the current day
  • Multi language support: NL, GR, EN, DE, ES, IT, FR included
Displaying opening times
  • Show the opening hours in a table
  • Show the opening hours inline
  • Consolidate the output: group days with the same opening hours
  • Show/hide holiday hours
  • Show/hide vacation hours
  • Highlight the current day
  • Show abbreviated days
  • Customize output with line breaks & separators
Currently open/closed indication
  • Edit the “we’re currently open” message
  • Edit the “we’re currently closed” message
  • Include the current time in the output
  • Include the current day in the output
  • Add an opening/closing soon warning like “hurry, we’re closing in 35 minutes”
  • Set how many minutes in advance to show opening/closing soon warning

Styling is easy

Indicator & countdown

An admin page you’ll love

Check out the screenshots for a look at all admin pages.

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