Donation Retailer – Net Retailer and Helpdesk for Minecraft Servers (Buying Carts)

Donation Store is a completely self hosted web store and Helpdesk for Minecraft Servers. It is completely automated, entirely portable, fully customisable and beautifully simple. It let’s Minecraft Server owners create their very own fully automated web store to allow their players to help them fund their server.

Donation Store comes with it’s very own custom Java Bukkit/Spigot plugin that interacts with the owners web store. This makes transactions on the store instant. When a user logs onto the web store and purchases an item (with PayPal), they are emailed with a special purchase claim code. Once they logon to your server they can claim their purchase by using the special Donation Store command. Installation and setup of the plugin is simple which allows server owners to setup their web store within a few minutes.

– The Donation Store control panel is very simple to navigate, however it is pumped full of features and options, making each webstore unique in their own way. Thats the way it should be.

– Built with the Bootstrap framework

– Donation Store has been created as an exteremly solid platform from the ground up, however it allows for full customization (unlike some services) for your creativity to run wild. Make your store look amazingly beautiful with or without CSS knowledge.

– With categories, a product will be linked to a particular category and will be displayed under each respective category. I.e a category for ranks, items etc. Products can be displayed in list form or in a grid fashion with pictures. Products are assigned particular commands that are then executed automatically through the console when the user purchases the product.

– Accept payments through PayPal. All payments are handled through PayPal. No percentage of any payment is taken (like some services) and there is no limit to the amount of payments or entire sum of payments that can be handled.

– Users can create tickets, and log into view their ticket by using the ticket ID and access code that was provided when the ticket was created. Admin is notified once ticket is created and they can respond or close through the admin panel. Users are also emailed when a response has been made and also notified within Minecraft when on the server using the Donation Store plugin.

– Change the stores logo, welcome messages, terms and conditions, homepage message etc. Email notes can be changed using variables to customise the email that gets sent to the user when they purchase a product.

– Modules are used to show additional content on your web store that does not fit within the constraints of the settings panel. You can enable or disable modules, or edit their content. These modules include, Payment Goal, Server Status, Text Box, and Featured Product.

– Donation Store support multiple users using the Control Panel. Users can be invited to use the Control Panel. They are emailed with an activation token, and a link to the web store. They can activate their account using the token and choose a username and password. They can then login and start using the Control Panel. There is no limit to the amount of additional users that can use the Control Panel.

– Transactions with unique IDs and statistics about each. Optional expenses section. Server owners can maintain an “account”, by inputting server expenses. These are taken away from any income to give the admin a breakdown on the servers costs versus income. An accounting style balance sheet is provided listing all money in and money out. Monthly accounts can be generated.

– Advanced coupons and sales. Coupons allow admins to give a particular amount off the checkout basket, while sales allow the admin to give a percentage amount off a particular category.

– Logs are filed when any action is performed within the Donation Store control panel. A list of these logs can be found in the Control Panel, which shows which user was doing what and when. It also logs the users IP address, which allows the admin to ban particular users from using the store.

Update 1.0.1:

  • Fixed some slight bug fixes in the shopping cart. Fixed delete item and submission token problem.

There are so many more features within Donation Store that have not been mentioned above. You can discover them by checking out the demo to see how the script works.

Demo Credentials:
Username: admin
Password: admin

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

More information and documentation on the website: Website:

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