AnimateKit – Animation Instruments for Layers (Add-ons)

AnimateKit – Animation Tools for Layers

An extension for Layers that adds advanced animation effect customization to WP Customizer, allowing you to quickly add an animation effect to any elements on your site.

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What you can do with this extension :

  • Add animation effect to basic theme elements such as header, logo, page title, posts loop, sidebar, etc as defined in default settings in the visual Customizer.
  • Add animation effect to custom element selectors. Good if you want to add an animation to the elements that was added by third party plugin or to any elements which is not listed in the default settings.
  • Choose effect from 100+ animation effect ready in the list.
  • Set the animation duration, delay, and number of how many times the animation should be repeated.
  • Disable animation on mobile.
  • See the live preview of animation effect you added to your elements. very useful before you save the settings.


  • 100+ animations ready for your elements.
  • Default theme elements lists ready in the visual Customizer settings.
  • Custom elements builder to allow you to add specific element selectors.
  • Options to adjust animation when it should be started (by scroll or by mouse hover).
  • Options to adjust animation duration, delay and number of animation repeats.
  • Options to disable animation on mobile.
  • Live preview animation in visual Customizer.

Bonus :

  • Animate Slider Layers Widget


We’ve used these following resources for AnimateKit :


Version 1.0.0 – xx/xx/2015

- Initial version release.

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