MWP Calories Burned By Exercises Calculator (Forms)

MWP Calories Burned By Exercises is wordpress AJAX powered calculator plugin that allow you to calculate calories
burned by exercises. Plugin provide you with database which contain over 250 exercises and allow user
create a set of exercises to retrieve total burned calories.
You can display the calculator form in different layouts, and there is a lot of different admin
options to customize it.

MWP Calories Burned By Exercises is:

  • Contain over 250 exercises
  • Responsive
  • Build with Bootstrap 3
  • Support Bootstrap select, Select2
  • Allow user to calculate data for single or multiple exercises at once
  • You can set limit of exercises per one calculation
  • Provide Shortcode
  • AJAX Calculations (without page reload)
  • Ready for translation
  • RTL support available
  • Contain over 100 fonts
  • Colors customization
  • TinyMCE shortcode
  • Nice admin interface
  • You can calculate Calories Burned by Exercises, BMR, BMI

MWP Calories Burned By Exercises
allow to calculate rich amount of parameters:

  • BMR
    – Basal Metabolic Rate
  • BMI
    – Body Mass Index
  • Calories burned
    – Total amount of calories burned by selected set of exercises


  • English (default)

Current version: 1.0.0

Before using the data obtained using this calculator , consult with doctor!

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