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High6 Whitelabel is a WordPress plugin that you
can easily install on your new or existing website to handle
almost every white label work or branding on your admin screens.
It comes with powerful features and functionalities that can be
controlled with user interfaces which has been greatly designed
with UX in mind.

With High6 Whitelabel, you can add your own custom CSS for admin
and login screens, so you have full control over its design!
Lots of features are also built-in with this plugin such as
customizing toolbar, logo, menu items and icons, user roles,
admin color scheme, backgrounds, notifications and many more.

Compatible with almost every WordPress plugin and themes to name
a few, WooCommerce and Divi. More functionalities and
improvements coming soon!

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Each screens or panels of High6 Whitelabel plugin contains useful
settings for different parts of the admin.

High6 Whitelabel Branding Screen

High6 Whitelabel Dashboard Screen

High6 Whitelabel Email Screen

High6 Whitelabel Navigation Screen

High6 Whitelabel Login Customizer Screen

High6 Whitelabel Role Manager Screen

High6 Whitelabel Options Screen


1.0.0 – 01/23/2018

* Initial release

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