Fb Agenda Put up WP Plugin (Social Networking)

Facebook Schedule Post WordPress Plugin

Video for installation process and working procedure of this plugin: https://youtu.be/3CFKcV2xlws

Facebook schedule post is a wordpress plugin.This plugin is very useful and effective for whom,who want facebook schedule post,for his blog post or page.Or want to write something now and will post on specific time what already set on schedule.By using this plugin admin need to set specify 2 things,one is what will be time to post on facebook and another is what will be the post.Admin can select blog post or page as post,moreover admin can also wrote anything as post.It’s very easy to schedule a post.

Documentation : http://kingpabel.com/facebook-schedule-post-documentation/


  1. Schedule a blog post as post
  2. Schedule a page as post
  3. Schedule any text as post
  4. From list of post possible to check which is already post and which are waiting to posted
  5. Logs system will keep all information what will helpful to check what happengin behind the scene

Steps to use:

  1. Authorize developer key
  2. Schedule a post
  3. Follow list of post is that post or waiting to post
  4. If not posted then check log why not posted

Documentation : http://kingpabel.com/facebook-schedule-post-documentation/

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