Endure Video Watcher (Apps)

Bear Video Watcher allows to watch video like it do real human by using internal mechanism of browser emulation. The video source type can be Youtube, Vimeo or Custom. In case of ‘Custom’ type you define search expression of play button (html path) that should be clicked after visiting site (if there is no video auto play on your site). The tool can automatically calculate effective video watching scenario based on provided visiting statistics data – in this case minimum actions are required from your side.

The application includes full browser emulation mechanism – so all scripts (including all analytics such as google analysts) will be executed on pages. You can configure input flow and see all processing in real-time. Setting up screen resolution, user agents, proxies, waiting intervals and other configuration to unify resulting visitors fully supported.

Upcoming feautures

  • Auto crawl proxies from links
  • Multi-threading
  • Tor usage

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