bbPress Consumer Ranks (Boards)

Create bbPress user ranks and badges for display on forums and user profiles. These are displayed next to the users posts on the forums and on their user profile. In addition you can display the users total post count.


Increase user interaction with bbPress User Ranks, you can setup unlimited:

User Ranks – Set posts to gain amount, show/hide the title and use an uploaded image.

Star Ranks – Set posts to gain amount and stars.

RPG Ranks – Set amount to increase per post (e.g. Mana = 1 post * 1.5 = 1.5), change RPG Rank display order.

User Badges – Upload a badge and assign to all users with a specific forum role or individual users.

Month Badges – Upload a badge which is shown if the user has been active recently and has been registered for more than x months.


There are widgets and shortcodes available which allows you to list:

Top RPG Ranks List
Top Star Ranks List
Top User Ranks List

You can limit each list by x number of users.

There are multiple options available which are described in the readme.

Profile Page Display:

In addition to appearing next to forum posts, rankings and badges will appear on the users profile page:


Topics in Ranking Calculation
Replies in Ranking Calculation
Show Total Posts
Enable User Ranks
Enable Star Ranks
Enable RPG Ranks
Enable User Badges
Enable Month Badges
Enable Styling
Refresh Lists (in seconds)

Default styling is included, each element has its own unique classes which you can override in your own style sheets or alternatively you can disable our own style sheet altogether.