DML Google Map for PHP (Miscellaneous)

DML Google Map Plugin for PHP

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It helps you to create google maps for web pages by yourself within just seconds. Its powerful functionality allows you to edit a text, pin new locations, add lines / polygons, customize settings and much more.

DML Google Map plugin for PHP

Features :

  • Easy customization,
  • No coding required,
  • Compatible with PHP 5.4 and above,
  • Easy integration,
  • Customize database-driven (mySql) map for each page independently,
  • Ready to use 10 map styles including Roadmap, Sattelite and Terrain,
  • Adjust easily height of user control,
  • Full responsive,
  • Supports adding multiple lines,
  • Supports pinning multiple markers,
  • Supports drawing multiple polygons,
  • Ready to use 100+ Google Map marker icons,
  • Developed with latest technology (Jquery, AJAX, Bootstrap)
  • Including source-code (PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS etc.)
  • Easy to use and maintain!
  • More features coming soon…

System Requirements :

  • PHP 5.4 or above
  • mySql,

FAQs :

Q1: May I use this control on more than one page?

A1: Sure. Control is database-driven. That means, you can easily add control onto any pages in your project and customize it.

Q2: Can I add draw multiple polygon on the same map?

A2: Yes, it’s possible add not only polygons but also lines on the same map. Also, it lets you to customize each shape.

Q3: Can I edit source-code according to my needs?

A3: Of course. But, you need to have knowledge about PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap, JSON and AJAX.

Q4: Why do I need to take a Google API to activate it?

A4: Because it is mandatory according to Google’s policy. Google Maps API allows you to display maps on your web site / applications. 25.000 view is available daily for standard (free) API. For more, you supposed to take a premium code.

Q5: Does the support include customisation?

A5: I will assist with initial installation only. I do not help with customisation. I will aim to respond to all requests within 48 hours.

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Change Log :

FIRST RELEASE - 13.11.2016

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